With everyone now taking pictures, what sets us apart is how rigorously we think about what we see.

I photograph the world as it flows around me, staring and shooting in considered seconds. I am drawn to interactivity on the street or indoors, a particular configuration of shape and color, qualities of light, and multifaceted reflections in the glass and steel of New York. Behind all pictures is my thinking how they may be used in further creative direction.

Squeezing an idea through a methodology does not produce a quality product. To reach a level of quality – a simplicity, which is self evident – there are layers of complexity that need to be explored, understood, refined.

We love complexity, even though at a certain levels its exploration can be extremely challenging. But navigating this terrain of uncertainty is what opens up our senses to recognize the powerful hidden subtleties in our surroundings.

Where others might ‘look’ at a space and ‘not see’ relevance, we find numerous dots to connect. The art form, however, is in taking these outlines and refining them into Beautiful, Simple, Quality end products.

It’s why we do not build to a process. We build to a philosophy.

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