The Marine Iguana — Endangered Species series
Kim Soon

The deepest role of art is creating an alternative reality, something the world needs desperately at this time. Art is the most benign and fundamental way of creating community that our species has discovered. Mozart and Matisse — children of Eros — make us more human and more generous to one another.

— Milton Glaser

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  1. Faith Popcorn

    I find your work thoughtful and fascinating. Come visit us soon. Faith Popcorn,

  2. Tony Chaskelson

    Love the illustrations and photography.

    Awesome colors and images.


  3. Tony Chaskelson

    Loooove these illustrations, great color and ideas – awesome. Thanks


    I want to know exactly why you titled this particular posting, “ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN | Howard Stein”.
    Anyway I really appreciated the blog!Thank you-Dean

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