Design is smart. It needs to not only be trusted, but also built upon, in other words, be a platform. It may look simple, but it means complex. Products and services are multifunctional, multilayered and connected to broader ecosystems. It means your service is a brand with utility others can leverage to create their own assets. Smart ecosystems are the holy grail of user experience, and brands can own them.

One graphic element that can generate a thousand shapes

A Coxeter Helix. I designed one graphic element, appropriate to healthcare and life sciences, that could be used to create thousands of shapes, be scaled down to a postage stamp, as well as wall-size graphics that climb the interior of a seven-floor building. This is a problem solver. We control its power.

Logo for HELIX. Untwisting complexity in Healthcare and Life Sciences.
Main logo for HELIX
VC division of HELIX — also providing guidance through the bureaucratic maze that exists in Germany

Untwisting Complexity in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Two companies were founded in 2017 that would light the stage for others on the most advanced edges of Healthcare and Life Sciences. With degrees and experience in both law and medicine, the founder is uniquely positioned to lead a team that will grow close to one hundred experts in the healthcare and life sciences arena.

Business card concepts focused on molecular-inspired patterns applied to the helix shape.

Business Card concept
The HELIX logo looks animated in its static state.
HELIX main logo
Logo and tagline for non-profit organization fighting poaching
A new company focused on a full range of dog care services

“Any one response to the universe, however powerful, becomes inappropriate with time and change. Those who become utterly dependent on one means of mastery will find themselves unable to cope with the future.” — Frank Herbert, science fiction novelist and author of Dune

Logo for, providing graphics and patterns for the world inside (products and interiors).

SilverLight Productions main logo. I designed a single element — the grey knife-blade curve — and used it repeatedly throughout the company branding. The logo for SLP.Net, below, a tech support division shows an example of this curve in another context as does the video division logo below it.

Logo for new exercise routine. Different color combinations used throughout.
eCommerce site for men’s clothing and accessories
Personal Logo for my first graphic design practice

Squeezing an idea through a methodology does not produce a quality product. To reach a level of quality – a simplicity, which is self evident – there are layers of complexity that need to be explored, understood, refined.

We love complexity, even though at a certain levels its exploration can be extremely challenging. But navigating this terrain of uncertainty is what opens up our senses to recognize the powerful hidden subtleties in our surroundings.

Where others might ‘look’ at a space and ‘not see’ relevance, we find numerous dots to connect. The art form, however, is in taking these outlines and refining them into Beautiful, Simple, Quality end products.

It’s why we do not build to a process. We build to a philosophy.

One of a series of dinner plates — design could easily translate to other surfaces and materials.
Dinner plate based on wall covering I designed for Maya Romanoff
Logo for my design company, after my great boxer dog. People who did not remember my name remembered the boxer dog — fantastic recall factor, which brands drive very hard toward.
Business Card concept
New Year Card 2012/2013 — distributed online
Photography and Typography

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