I designed one graphic element that could be used to design thousands of shapes.
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Main Logo for VESTEX — the Investment arm of HELIX, providing venture capital as well as guidance for startups in the healthcare space, navigating bureaucratic stress in Germany. The green “arms” wrap the “gold” that represents the founders or startup.
Identity Design and logo development for a healthcare company in Berlin.
Main logo for HELIX. “Untwisting Complexity in Healthcare and Life Sciences.”

Patterns of Identity are inevitable. Almost everything we encounter has an identity that follows or forms a pattern.

It is often not clear what the pattern is. When the patterns are obscure or not obvious, the ability to discover pattern-matches or create them is a superpower.

An identity should be versatile, or malleable enough to exert control over its patterns. My work follows nature.

What we are looking for is a visual alphabet that is faithful to your products or services. This helps remove the friction in marketing.

Natural pattern-matching in identity design
Business Card proposal moving into patterns at a molecular level, printed on silicon.
Business Card concept utilizing the adaptability of the core helix symbol, suggestive of a microscopic view with patterns of stylized molecular structure