Windows, in Reflection

First, one needs hundreds of acres of stone and steel and glass. Why so much? Because in this case more is better. A city outshines a village. Then one needs a high state of attention, a very central kind of focus. Or the magic will be missed. This is an accidental show, a theater of light, interiors, and exteriors. The interiors tend to be in a state of stillness, even with energetic, disruptive displays. On the outside, where I stand or walk, there is continual motion, and the windows speak back, as if to say, Look at this, this altered world, thin as a pane of plate glass, fragile, spotlessly clean and clear. Watch the windows.

New York is wicked with reflected layers of life. New York is human-made, vibrating, as one moves through it. From this raw material my images are complete or they will begin.


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