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I Help Flower Lovers Grow Up

The world is suffused in undifferentiated creative businesses. What the world needs, what high quality clients are willing to pay for, and what our designers want to develop and deliver, is deep expertise. Expertise is the only valid basis for differentiating ourselves from the competition. Not personality. Not process. Not price. It is expertise and expertise alone that will set us apart in a meaningful way and allow us to deal with our clients and prospects from a position of power. This body of Precious Projects deals with flowers and their power.

What would happen if there was a release of incredible energy, functionality, and beauty into your products, services, and experiences such that you are pulled from the sea of competitors, toward your place in a prestigious domain?

Identities — which are design systems — contain this promise. It’s how luxury markets are captured and held, it’s how clients pursue them and stay loyal. Brands that have an addictive quality are hard create and hard to resist. They find and retain buyers.

When a client meets the Path of Least Resistance, this is where form and experience design have made buying faster, more satisfying and rewarding than not buying.


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