I Help Flower Lovers Grow Up

The world is drowning in sameness — undifferentiated markets so similar in design, photography, and product, the client chooses by price.
This is not our market.

High quality clients are willing to pay for expertise.
Expertise is the only valid basis for choosing luxurious, beautiful, lasting brands.
Not personality. Not process. And not price.
Expertise alone sets us apart, allowing us to please our clients in a powerful way.
This makes the heart beat faster.

What would happen if a release of incredible energy, functionality, and beauty into your business identified it as highly prestigious?

Identity Design contains this promise. Your business rises high above the mass of vendors in the crowded marketplace below.
It has the qualities of addiction.
It is difficult to resist.
It creates and retains buyers.

It is a Path of Least Resistance.
When a client meets it, buying is faster and more satisfying than not buying.


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